Current lab members

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Postdoctoral researchers

Ranjan Muthukrishnan, Ph.D. Ranjan's research focuses on integrating empirical and theoretical approaches to understand the dynamics of major shifts in ecological communities. This has included working in coral reef communities to evaluate how anthropogenic stresses can drive shifts between coral-dominated and algal-dominated community states and more recent work on biological invasions focusing on the properties that make communities susceptible to invasive species and the community consequences of the displacement of native foundation species.








Evelyn Williams, Ph.D. Evelyn's research investigates genetic diversity at multiple scales to improve conservation and restoration. Evelyn is based at Chicago Botanic Garden, where she leads key components of our project testing the role of phylogenetic diversity in prairie restoration. Previous projects include systematics of charismatic Botrychium (moonwort) ferns, population genetics of gypsophile Lepidospartum (scale broom) shrubs, and the biogeographic origins of Artocarpus (including breadfruit and jackfruit).








Research staff

Wesley Glisson. Wes is a Research Fellow involved in many aspects of our field and laboratory research. For his M.S., Wes investigated the sensitivity of secretive marshbirds to vegetation condition in natural and restored wetlands in southern Wisconsin. Before coming to UMN, Wes worked as a researcher in plant biology at Chicago Botanic Garden and in wildlife biology at the USGS Coop Unit at the University of Idaho.










Graduate students

Michael Verhoeven. Mike is a first-year PhD student in Conservation Sciences conducting research on ecology and management of aquatic invasive plants. The focus of his current research is quantifying the effects that invasive aquatic plants have on native ecosystems and examining the mechanisms of their reproduction and colonization.








Rebecca Barak. Becky is a doctoral candidate in Plant Biology and Conservation at Chicago Botanic Garden/Northwestern University. She is investigating multiple dimensions of plant biodiversity tallgrass prairie restoration, integrating community ecology, phylogenetics, seed biology, and seed mix design.



Undergraduate researchers

Carli Wagner. Carli has been conducting research on the invasive green alga Nitellopsis obtusa (starry stonewort) and received a UROP award for laboratory tests of desiccation tolerance in Nitellopsis.